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Taking up the challenge to offer even better products
particularly because they are closely connected to your living and the environment.

SUZUKI IRONWORKS has always strived for progress and innovative leaps with the motto “technology first” for more than 90 years since the company’s founding. With continuous efforts, the company implements a sincere and reliable corporate attitude based on its policy of “creation, effort, and unity.” SUZUKI IRONWORKS started up as a maker of tea manufacturing equipment and entered the gas appliances sector in 1960. We have manufactured critical functional components of home-use gas appliances based on the technologies and experiences we accumulated over the years. Our products and technologies have been highly received by the industry. In 1965, we expanded our business operation to the heat exchanger sector. Today, our company continues to be a part of people’s everyday life as a specialized manufacturer of automotive parts, general aluminum die cast parts, and water heater parts.

We have been able to build up our track record steadily until this day because our customers have faith in the company’s consistent attitude toward our commitment to research and develop technologies under a slogan of “high quality is the business of SUZUKI IRONWORKS” along with our hard-earned reputation for high reliability. The path we have taken through the manufacturing of key components for gas appliances and this sector’s constant demand for cutting-edge technologies have been the driving force behind the original technologies that we have created.

We believe that “a company must provide opportunities to a person with ability and motivation to fully demonstrate their abilities and produce a work of value; and it must offer products to improve the quality of life so that it can make a positive contribution to society.” We embrace this belief with a unified effort to move forward with development of new technologies. SUZUKI IRONWORKS has been actively participating in various industries such as the financial, industrial, and cultural sectors with cutting-edge technologies as an enterprise of “product creation” based on a solid financial foundation. Our company’s advanced integrated technologies enable us to work on “eco-friendly product creation” for the 21st century and we direct our efforts to further business development.

Masato Makino, CEO