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Corporate Info・ISO 14001

SUZUKI IRONWORKS intends to work on the theme of environment conservation.

ISO 14001

ISO14001 awarded in June 2001.

ISO14001:2015 awarded in June 2018.
(the head Office・Fujieda Die-casting factory)

We, SUZUKI IRONWORKS, recognize the importance of environment conservation at all times as one of the common issues for every human being. Keeping the environment clean and making continuous efforts to harmonize our activities with this environment are the fundamental concept on which our business operates.

■Our Policy for Environmental Conservation

  • a) The main business of our company. We recognize that conservation of the global environment is one of the most important issues common for all human beings. Following this policy, we will make efforts for conservation in business activities that impact the global environment and make sure that our business management coexists in harmony with society.
    • 1. We product automobile and general aluminum die-casting parts.
    • 2. We product escape valve for the water heater.
    • 3. We product parts for electric water heater for business use.
  • b) To get an accurate understanding of the effects that each division’s activities have on the environment and reduce the environmental load, we shall work on preventing pollution and conserving the environment through the following activities.
    • 1. Energy saving -- Reducing the energy to be used.
    • 2. Resource saving -- Reducing waste and promoting recycling.
    • 3. Promotion of green purchasing.
    • 4. Promotion of chemical substance management.
  • c) We shall construct and maintain an environment management system compliant with ISO14001: 2015 and carry out activities for continuous improvement.
  • d) We shall follow environment-related laws and regulations and other requirements that have been accepted by the company.
    (We include chemical substance management of the in frnt of the visitor in other requirements.)
  • e) To implement our environment policy, we shall set environment purposes and targets, carry out the activities, and review them periodically, or as required.
  • f) We shall notify all employees and people who work for our company of the environment policy through education/training and educational campaign.
  • g) We shall disclose our environmental policy to the public on request from outside parties such as local residents.

July 3, 2017 Masato Makino, CEO of SUZUKI IRONWORKS