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1951 July

Incorporated, with capital of ¥1,500,000, the business of production and sales of tea-making equipment which had been operated by the late Chuzo Suzuki since 1921.
1957 April Began the production and sales of gas appliances for use in the making of tea.
1960 March Began the production of burners for household gas appliances.
1962 August Constructed the Ohsuka Factory in Ohsuka-cho, Shizuoka,and began production of gas appliance cocks.
1967 April

Constructed the Hamaoka Factory in Hmaoka-cho, Shizuoka which became the major factory for production of gas appliance components.

1971 May Established Hamaoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd in Omaezaki-cho, Shizuoka as a factory dedicated to the production of heat exchangers.
1972 December Constructed an aluminum die casting-dedicated plant in the Fujieda Factory.
1973 December Began the producution of heat exchangers for hot water heaters.
1974 October Installed a continuous non-oxidizing electric furnace in the production line, and the line was streamlined to allow various types of heat exchangers to be brazed under non-oxidizing atmosphere.
1983 August Installed a complete set of forging equipment in the Hamaoka Factory and began forging of brass products.
1985 January Constructed a mold-dedicated plant in the Fujieda Factory and began the production of molds.
1986 May Began exporting of gas cocks.
1989 March Expanded the continuous non-oxidizing electric furnace equipment.
1990 May Installed a new type of 400-ton fully -automated forging machine.
1991 April Issued privately subscribed bonds in the amount of ¥100 million.
1991 October Installed two additional 350 ton aluminum die casting machines.
1992 February Installed 3-D CAD/CAM system in the Fujieda Technical Plant.
1992 June Increased the capital to ¥30,000,000.
2001 June Awarded ISO 14001.
2003 Aprli The production of auto parts began.
2003 December Awarded ISO 9001.
2005 May Installed two additional 350 ton aluminum die casting machines.
2007 September merged Hamaoka seisakusyo and named Omaezaki Factory,continue the wark.
2010 October began the production of electromagnetic valve reeling coil.