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Corporate Info・ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO9001 awarded in December 2003.

ISO9001:2015 awarded in December 2017.

■Quality assurance policy

●Company motto

  1. Always create good products quickly at low cost to meet our customers’  requirements.
  2. Build up a company that can flourish under a ‘technology first’ policy in  order to move forward with a complete seamless production.
  3. Build affluent lives through creation, effort, and unity.
  4. Build minds and bodies that are always driven forward by dreams and youth.
  5. Build prosperity for all and work for Japan.

●Basic policy on quality assurance

‘Quality’ is the life of a company and we must always commit ourselves to quality first.

●Quality assurance policy

We shall always create good products in order to improve customer satisfaction.
We shall set quality aims of all companies and each section, make an effort to achieve aims by quality management system.
We shall make an effort to follow duties-related laws and regulations, and improve customer requirement.
We shall make constant challenge to improve the quality assurance system.